Project Management Services

At Pragmatic, we find that many organizations experience significant disconnects between expectations set for strategic initiatives and actual outcomes. These disconnects often come from misalignment of tactical plans and execution strategy.

Successful organizations utilize formal project management practices and techniques to focus and link work activities throughout the organization. In today’s competitive business environment companies must be able to deliver the benefits of critical projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is vital for most organizations to ensure that people are working on the right things and that management is confident there are mechanisms in place to track progress and results.

In our experience many Six Sigma implementation projects run into difficulties because the critical players received no formal training in managing projects utilizing some form of project management tools and techniques.

Pragmatic has an impressive track record of providing effective and cost efficient approaches and consulting solutions to our clients. We ensure that many of the traditional barriers and pitfalls to success are overcome and have the capabilities and resources to drive your projects to completion, as well as the expertise to mentor and train your staff in the formal methodologies needed for success.

We utilize consultants who are certified project management professionals and have “hands on” experience bringing project management into organizations, and we understand how to adapt our approach to the specific needs of the project and the organization.

If you need a team of experts to develop and provide assistance executing a plan or simply interim resources or support to keep your projects “on-track”, you can trust Pragmatic’s professionals to achieve your goals.

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