Human Capital - An Untapped Resource

Too often managers, in an effort to increase productivity, will purchase a new machine or incorporate a new system only to find that their efforts are less than successful. This is because they neglect to consider the most basic element of change management - Human Capital. At Pragmatic we realize that the success of any organizational change hinges on the integration of equipment, systems, and most importantly, human capital. To this end, we offer our clients a broad range of Human Resource services designed to leverage the maximum benefit from the members of your team.

Recruiting, Retention and Reduction

  • Rapid "ramp-up" programs for production, technical, and management level groups
  • Retained searches for key managers
  • Complete systems designed to address turnover issues
  • Complete Outplacement programs

Employee and Labor Relations

  • Complete Union avoidance programs
  • Labor relations, including:
    • Contract negotiations
    • Union election management
    • Grievance management
  • Gain Sharing and Incentive/Bonus programs
  • Comprehensive Communication programs

Organizational Development

  • Turnkey approach to TRAINING, including:
    • Complete training assessment
    • Design of training systems ranging from individual programs to complete corporate universities
    • Development and management of delivery systems
    • Targeted training programs directed at specific issues
  • ASSESSMENT tools, including:
    • 360° Programs along with other management feedback and assessment tools
    • Employee Surveys
  • Complete Performance Management Systems
  • Succession Planning Programs
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching and mentoring

Human Resource Administration

  • Complete policy and procedure and handbook creation
  • Government compliance audits and development of systems and programs for compliance
  • Outsourcing Human Resource function from specific programs to complete function

Safety and Health

  • Complete Audits
  • Required program development and administration
  • Safety measurement communication systems
  • Safety incentive systems
  • Workplace safety
  • Ergonomics

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