Lean / Six Sigma Business

Our Lean/Six Sigma services focus on three major elements.

  1. We provide consulting at all levels of an organization with special emphasis on implementation of the Lean enterprise. We examine the entire value chain from start to finish with the goal of identifying key areas for incremental improvement. We seek out opportunities to improve product and service performance, eliminate waste and increase customer satisfaction.

  2. We spearhead and lead the initiative, providing key resources to launch and complete the initial programs then pass the baton. The leadership and mentoring we offer ensures that the essential techniques and tools are in place to maintain and sustain the transformation of the organization.

  3. We provide mentoring of decision-makers toward self-sustainability in Lean and Six Sigma implementation. This mentoring takes on two forms, one-on-one coaching and/or group training, customized to your organizational needs. We also provide Six Sigma “Champion” training for Black Belt and Green Belt certification.

Pragmatic's approach is to apply scientific methods to the design and operation of systems and business processes that enable employees to deliver the greatest “value” to customers and stakeholders.

If you are ready to start transforming your organization, realize gains in quality, productivity, efficiencies and eliminate waste, take the next steps and contact us for more detailed information.

Our comprehensive training programs can be delivered to all levels of your organization.

For more information on our Lean/Six Sigma services, please visit our contact page.